Research and Development

Innovation is one of the most important business values, and the aim is to continue to improve technical solutions for all clients through commitment to each part of the work team in all stages of the work process. Carbon–Ti components and accessories bring excellent performances, thanks to accurate and scrupulous research and development processes made up of several stages: market analysis, research, simulation, prototyping, tests and engineering. Through accurate analysis of market and sport needs, Carbon–Ti is able to develop high performance products. The direct cooperation and support of experts in the sector and professional athletes allows the company to duly evaluate each need and requirement and transfer it into the products. With the help of special data collection technologies, Carbon–Ti is able to obtain the starting geometries of the bike models on which the individual component will be assembled, thus ensuring maximum compatibility and a wide range of uses. After a preliminary phase of paper sketches, the project team shares their solutions and uses to 3D modelling to define their work with geometrical accuracy. The mechanical functions are then assessed and validated by dynamic simulation. Each component undergoes strict quality checks, first through simulation by calculation software based on modellization to finished elements, and then by mechanical stress tests. In this way the safety factor is ascertained and it is possible to move on to on-the-road testing, which is carried out by champion cyclists and in-house experts. The strength, reliability and safety of all the bike components and accessories are examined in real conditions of use for guaranteed performance. A structured and complex process performed by the Carbon-Ti work team, which includes technicians and also real professionals and enthusiasts all personally and actively participating in the world of cycling. All the components, accessories, spare parts in titanium, carbon and aluminium for racing bikes and mountain bikes signed Carbon-Ti guarantee champion performance because they are tested only by experts.