X-SingleCarbon for gravel, cyclocross and road bikes

2022-03-30 14:19:08

The production of Carbon-Ti chainrings is divided into road carbon fiber chainrings and MTB offroad chainrings. Several professional teams use them such as the Canyon Northwave MTB, in detail by the 2021 Marathon world champion Andreas Seewald.


The X-SingleCarbon chainrings are different products from those currently available on the market. They are the result of a long process.


The concept remains the same that characterizes most of the chainrings and disc brake rotors produced by the brand: a light but extremely stiff support structure, thanks to the adoption of carbon fiber combined with a mechanical part made of the best aeronautical aluminum alloy available on the market, with extremely elaborate and accurate processing.


The generously thick (5 mm) carbon fiber support guarantees a stiffness/weight ratio that cannot be reached by the more classic "Full Aluminum" structures and gives a special and extremely technological aspect to the product.




The mechanical part, in high-quality AL7075-T6 alloy, prevents premature wear and minimizes friction and pedal noises.


The mud evacuation has been further improved and the advanced narrow-wide system guarantees maximum reliability against chain fall even in extreme conditions.


The high aeronautical quality AL7075-T6 alloy guarantees a longer life than the aluminum alloy used on the most common chainring.




The innovative design allows for a range of compatibility for almost all groupsets currently on the market: SRAM ROAD AXS 12v, SRAM ROAD 11s, Shimano ROAD and MTB 12 and 11s Sram MTB Eagle 12 and 11s as well as Campagnolo 13, 12 and 11s.


There are three different models to adapt to a large number of cranksets:


- X-SingleCarbon BCD 110 mm 5 arms (eg THM Clavicula SE, Quarq Dzero AXS, other compact cranks ...)


- X-SingleCarbon BCD 110 mm 4 arms (eg SRM Origin, Rotor INspider or Shimano Dura-Ace or Ultegra ...)


- X-SingleCarbon BCD 107 mm (eg SRAM Force and Rival)


Each model is available in the following sizes: 38, 40, 42, 44 and 46 teeth





We have also gave birth to a Specific AL7075 bolt kit. The X-Fix ROAD XS kit is compatible with the X-SingleCarbon BCD 110 5-arm and 4-arm chainrings, while the X-Fix ROAD kit (usually used for double chainrings) is intended for the X-SingleCarbon BCD 107 mm chainrings because SRAM spiders with BCD 107 are extremely thick.


The new single chainrings can already be ordered and will be available from April.



The X-SingleCarbon chainrings are produced, developed in Italy like ALL other Carbon-Ti products!