Not Conforming Carbon-Ti disc rotors on Aliexpress

Dear customers, a few weeks ago, we received some reports about suspicious announcements on the Chinese Aliexpress e-commerce platform, regarding our Carbon-Ti X-Rotor SteelCarbon 2 discs in steel and carbon fiber.


The products are sold at extremely affordable prices: far over 50% discounts on the price list and included shipping costs (from China). Therefore, we have decided to purchase one of this copy, anonymously, in order to verify its content. We received the shipment from China some days ago and we were surprised over finding a package that is actually similar to ours in almost every detail; it contains the brake disc, the instructions and the decal that we insert into each product’s box.


Even the mounting screws, that we separately offer, are included and also our “CARBON-TI” trademark is identically reproduced. At first glance everything seems absolutely comparable but then, with more attention, some small aesthetic differences emerge and the fixing hardware of the carbon braking surface appears of poor quality and improperly assembled.



The laser-engraved serial number on the back of the rotor appears to be non-compliant with the original too. Before even starting the qualitative tests, during the assembly, a rivet came out and it was discovered that a very slight lateral stress is sufficient to completely disassemble the rotor. After a more detailed analysis, it was found out that materials are totally inadequate.


We have promptly explained to Aliexpress the issue of this counterfeit product and also its dangerousness, and we have already contacted our legal office and reported to the authorities.

The main purpose of this statement is to avoid that some misguided buyers, attracted by the very favourable price, could feel tempted to proceed with the purchase. These are counterfeit and potentially dangerous materials that have nothing to do with Carbon-Ti products!




Each Carbon-Ti original product is designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy, with raw materials of the highest quality and according to extremely stringent safety standards.


We invite all those who wish to purchase a disc rotor or any other Carbon-Ti product to exclusively turn to authorized dealers and, above all, not to trust excessive discounts on online platforms since, for sales policy, limited changes on the pricelist are usually recommended.


Furthermore, each of our carbon hubs, disc or chainring has a unique serial number that allows tracking it and allows us to verify its originality and origin.


We remain at your disposal, as always, for any indication or verification of the product.