New X-Rotor SteelCarbon 3

2023-06-01 10:56:25

Carbon-Ti is pleased to announce the launch of the new X-Rotor SteelCarbon 3 brake disc rotors.





New X-Rotor SteelCarbon 3

Carbon-Ti is pleased to announce the launch of the new

X-Rotor SteelCarbon 3 brake disc rotors.

They represent an evolution of the X-Rotor SteelCarbon 2 model, which gained widespread acclaim among MTB and road enthusiasts since its debut in 2015.


The new X-Rotor SteelCarbon 3 combines precision machining with artisanal assembly. According to the tradition of the company, it is 100% made in Italy.










The 1.8 mm thick special steel track has been redesigned to improve braking performance, enhance heat dissipation, and enable more even pad wear. The disc rotors feature a profile with rounded CNC-machined edges, that increase safety and comply with the (UCI) Union Cycliste Internationale regulations.

The rivets and washers are made of Grade 5 titanium and represent a technical solution in line with previous versions, ensuring high lightness, strength, and reliability.


One of the most anticipated features of the new model, strongly demanded by the market, is the introduction of the Center Lock variant alongside the six-bolt International Standard fixing. The previous model could only be mounted on Center Lock hubs using third-party adapters.


New X-Rotor SteelCarbon 3 Center Lock



Thanks to a specific Carbon-Ti-developed adapter, the new X-Rotor SteelCarbon 3 Center Lock can be easily installed on Center Lock hubs, ensuring direct and efficient compatibility.


The carbon fiber body has been redesigned, optimizing the installation of the specific Center Lock adapter. The result is a lightweight and highly-performing system.








New X-Rotor SteelCarbon 3 Center Lock Titanium plate


The adapter is provided with the X-Rotor SteelCarbon 3 Center Lock disc rotors and comes with a valuable laser-engraved titanium protection plate that fits into the carbon shape perfectly.











The X-RotorCenter Lock Adapter kit can be purchased separately and can be used with the previous X-Rotor SteelCarbon 2 model or with discs from other brands.









The X-Rotor Center Lock Ring is characterized by an extremely low profile, which offers wide compatibility with hubs equipped with 12, 15, or 20 mm thru-axles, and is also available aftermarket.










The exceptional development of the new X-Rotor SteelCarbon 3 disc rotors was made possible thanks to a close collaboration with the UAE Team Emirates WorldTour team.


For months, professional cyclists from this prestigious team have tested the X-RotorSteelCarbon 3 discs on their Colnago V4RS bikes in extremely challenging conditions.


The success of these tests was evident during the recent Giro d'Italia, where the brake disc rotors showcased their performance on the field.




The X-RotorSteel Carbon 3 Center Lock, along with X-Carboring EVO chainrings, X-Lock EVO thru-axles, and other ultralight Carbon-Ti products, were mounted on the bikes of the top athletes of the UAE Team Emirates, who won important stages and reached the podium in the general ranking.


Below are summarized tables of the new X-Rotor SteelCarbon 3 brake disc rotor range, including their respective weights:




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