New X-Carboring EVO 55 e 38, X-Rotor Aero e X-Aeroring

2024-07-01 10:18:24

As the Tour de France approaches, we are thrilled to introduce new products in the Carbon-Ti range. These items have been created and tested by the UAE Team Emirates specifically for competing and winning in the grand tours and the most important races on the World Tour circuit.


X-Carboring EVO 55 x 110 DA9200 e X-Carboring 38 x 110 (4arms)


This incredible set of gear ratios has been created thanks to meticulous design and the use of 3D simulations, resulting from extensive development and validation by team athletes.


X-Carboring EVO 55 x 110 DA9200:


It offers one additional tooth compared to the usual 54-tooth outer chainring commonly used in road races.


X-Carboring 38 x 110 (4 arms):


The true game-changer, with a reduction of two teeth in the inner chainring to achieve a substantially shorter ratio for mountain and alpine stages.


The 55/38 combo, already employed in the first competitions of the year, played a decisive role in winning the Giro d'Italia.

These sizes will initially be available for Shimano 12-speed cranksets.


X-Rotor Aero


The team's need to achieve a marginal gain in any condition has led to the development of a new aerodynamic version, which complements the renowned and ultra-light X-Rotor Steelcarbon 3.


X-Rotor Aero maintains the same steel braking surface that ensures excellent braking performance and cooling. Exclusive titanium rivets are used to secure it to a structural carbon fiber body.


To improve air penetration and reduce drag at high speeds, the carbon fiber body has been redesigned from the ultra-light version and optimized in the wind tunnel.


The X-Rotor Aero, successfully used by UAE Team Emirates since late 2023, is ideal for high-speed time trials and triathlon competitions.


X-Rotor Aero is available in 160 and 140 mm sizes in CenterLock versions (with dedicated AL7075 and titanium adapter) and six-hole international standard.


The weight increase is minimal compared to the ultra-light X-Rotor Steelcarbon 3 version.




The optimization of chainrings for ultra-high-speed competitions is accomplished by using FullCarbon single chainrings, which have been implemented for two seasons on the time trial bikes of UAE Team Emirates.


X-Aeroring is a single chainring with narrow-wide teeth and an aerodynamic profile, made entirely of carbon fiber.


While it may not be easy for amateur cyclists to use, it is highly valued by athletes aiming to maximize their performance in time trials and high-speed triathlon races.


The X-Aeroring is available only on request in 58,60, and 62-tooth sizes for Shimano 12-speed cranksets.


X-Cover DA9200 1x is the newly shaped and aerodynamic fixing system, derived from the double chainring version, but specific for single chainring mounting.