New 2023: X-Wheel Revolution

2023-03-15 10:51:26

Carbon-Ti is pleased to announce the birth of a new major collaboration with the French company Duke Racing Wheels by Philippe Jacquinet.

X-Wheel Baccara X 48 Perspective


Duke Racing Wheels produces high-tech carbon fiber rims and has been supplying them to multi-titled professional teams for years.


The collaboration foresees furnishing the latest generation of MTB, Road, and Gravel wheels to offer a complete range of Carbon-Ti wheels.


We entrusted Pippowheels, the leading company in this sector, that is making available experience, expertise, and equipment for the realization of high-quality wheels.


Sapim CX-Ray spokes have been chosen for all the fittings to guarantee maximum performance, and for the ease of finding spare parts.


X-Wheel Hub Detail


The wheels are equipped with the latest 100% made-in-Italy Carbon-Ti Straight Pull hubs.


The 2023 version includes mechanical parts subjected to a special surface hardening treatment.


The mechanics boast SKF sealed bearings of the highest quality and a preload adjustment that ensures an always optimal setup.


Demanding customers who don't want to compromise can opt for the special CeramicSpeed option on any wheel.


Mtb wheels are fitted out as standard with matte black six holes hubs. ROAD and gravel wheels are equipped with center lock hubs. Nevertheless, it is possible to have six holes i.s. hubs on request, and choose different anodized colors for them. Warning: These options may require longer waiting times.


The customization of the wheels is completed by choosing the colored decals applied to the rims.

X-Wheel Baccara X Colour Range


In detail, the 2023 Carbon-Ti wheel range includes seven models:



X-Wheel Hub Detail


There are two specific models for Cross Country and Marathon competitions, assembled with the brand new SLS4 version of Lucky Jack rims, extremely popular for years on the World Cup race fields.


The X-Wheel Lucky Jack 28 SLS4 wheels have rims with a 28 mm channel and boast a record weight of 1185 grams.


X-Wheel Lcuky Jack Decal Detail


The X-Wheel Lucky Jack 30 SLS4 have a 30.5 mm wide channel and a weight of just 1205 grams.


The X-Wheel Crazy Jack 30 SLS4 with a 30 mm channel have been designed for more heavy-duty use and it is intended for Down Country and All Mountain bikes while maintaining a weight of all respect (1330 grams).


X-Wheel Hub Detail




X-Wheel Baccara X 48 Front and Rear


The new Baccara X wheels retain the philosophy and innovative features of the previous Carbon-Ti wheels models.


The 23 mm wide channel allows you to pedal with lower pressures, ensuring better control of the bicycle and improving its smoothness, especially on the bumpiest roads.


Asymmetric drilling (2 mm offset) allows a more homogeneous spoke tension on both flanges of the hubs for greater overall stiffness of the wheels.


X-Wheel Baccara X 48 Decal Detail


The solid structure allows off-road uses with gravel or cyclocross bikes.


Three profiles with weights vary depending on the chosen model:


1200 grams for the X-Wheel Baccara X 36 SLR2 36 mm.


1270 grams for the X-Wheel Baccara X 42 SLR2 42 mm.


1315 grams for the X-Wheel Baccara X 48 SLR2 48 mm.


X-Wheel Hub Detail




X-Wheel Hub Detail


World Runner Carbon SLR2 rims have an even wider 25 mm channel and are suitable for more extreme off-road use.


They have been used with satisfaction in world-class competitions despite the 27 mm profile rims thanks to their extremely low weight.


X-Wheel Hub Detail


X-Wheel World Runner 27 SLR2 boasts a record weight of 1175 grams only, guaranteeing exceptional performance for those who usually tackle very technical trails and steep slopes.


X-Wheel World Runner 38 SLR2 is recommended for those who require greater load capacity and reliability to face the most extreme adventures with confidence.


X-Wheel Hub Detail