New 2023 Hubs!

2022-11-23 11:59:45

The well-known X-Hub hubs for mountain, racing, and gravel bikes are the flagship of Carbon-Ti production and have always been proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in Italy.


Our research and development department works all the time to refine performance, durability, and aesthetic design improvements.


We have recently introduced improvements such as the grub screw on the bearing preload, and the oversize pawl seats on the freewheel bodies.


The new 2023 hubs generation hasn't significantly changed, but it has mechanical and aesthetic updates now that owners of Carbon-Ti wheels or hubs can enjoy!




All the freewheel bodies, the internal axles, the axle ends, and the bearing preload get a special surface hardening treatment.


The elegant matte black aesthetic finish of these mechanical parts offers a pleasant contrast to the technological CNC machined hub bodies, which are available in different anodized colors.


The above-mentioned innovation is also backward compatible with all previous hub models. The new spare parts are immediately available in the Carbon-Ti catalog.


Click HERE to view the conversion kit, bearings & single components