New 2022: X-CarboRing EVO and BCD 107 X-AXS

2021-12-30 10:48:33

The new year is coming and the famous carbon chainrings range of Carbon-Ti is renewed and expanded with the introduction of many new models.


The owners of the new Shimano 12-speed groupsets are finally be able to choose the latest generation of specific chainrings. X-Carboring EVO BCD 110 DA9200 (4 arms) are made for Shimano Dura Ace and Ultegra 12 speed cranks, as well as for the top-rated SRM Origin power meters.


The wording "EVO" distinguishes this new generation of external chainrings which adopts the well known innovations that already belong to the latest "X-AXS" chainrings specific for SRAM AXS 12s groupsets.



In detail, the outer chainrings are now produced with a thicker carbon fiber plates, to obtain a higher stiffness and to allow a more elaborate CNC machining. These ramps together with the redesigned titanium elements have the function of "harpooning" the chain, transferring it from the smallest to the largest chainring and allow fast and precise up-shiftings and down-shiftings with both electronic and mechanical derailleurs.



The same innovations also concern the compact 5-arm X-CarboRing EVO BCD 110 (5 arms) models. They are suitable for all compact cranksets such as the THM Clavicula SE or the Quarq Dzero AXS power meter.


The inner chainrings of both 4 and 5 arm models remains unchanged.


The X-Fix ROAD is the compatible fixing bolts kit. It is made of AL7075-T6 alloy with customized laser engravings and it is available in a wide range of anodized colors.


X-Carboring EVO chainrings are available in sizes 52/36 and 50/34 as well as in the unedited 54/40, to be release in February 2022. Compatibility is ensured for Shimano 11 and 12 speed, Campagnolo 11 and 12 speed and SRAM 11 speed groupsets (and chains).



The Sram AXS 12s groupsets require specific "X-AXS" chainrings which now are also available for the SRAM Force 12s and Rival 12s cranks and power meters with BCD 107 mm.


The new X-Carboring BCD 107 X-AXS allows a considerable weight saving compared to the original chainrings (about 50 grams the X-Carboring 48 x 107 X-AXS vs SRAM Force 48 x 107).



Embellishes and makes special the standard SRAM cranksets while maintaining the excellent shifting performance of the electronic groups. The X-Carboring BCD 107 X-AXS chainrings are available in sizes 46/33, 48/35, and 50/37 (currently not available as an original SRAM replacement).


The compatible fixing bolt kit is the new X-Fix BCD 107 2X, essential for the X-Carboring BCD 107 AXS with female bolts of increased length for the SRAM spiders, in AL7075-T6 alloy and available in different anodized colors like the other bolt kits.


The X-Carboring BCD 107 X-AXS will be available from the end of January 2022.



Our X-Carboring like all other Carbon-Ti products, are proudly 100% made in Italy.



We are pleased to announce that despite these hard times and increase in raw material prices we have not made any adjustment on our price lists for now.