The combination of quality and performance of the materials that make up the whole line of components, accessories and spare parts for bikes is the foundation for the brand name Carbon-Ti. Carbon fibre, titanium and aluminium alloy are the essential elements of the brand's philosophy: no compromises are made so as to obtain the best combination of lightweightness, performance and reliability.



Thanks to the technical know-how developed by LLS Titanium over twenty years of experience in the machining of special alloys and the production cycle implemented, Carbon-Ti is able to use parts in Grade 5 Titanium Alloy. Titanium, a noble and resistant material, boasts almost total resistance to corrosion, which is an essential characteristic for the construction of bike components that are robust and last over time. The use of this noble and resistant material guarantees the following:

- high strength/weight ratio;

- duration over time;

- resistance to mechanical wear;

- significant resistance to corrosion and the attack of external agents;

- low density.  

Carbon-Ti uses Ti Al64V, the titanium alloy with the highest mechanical strength and highest tensile strength. The numbers in the alloy's name indicate the parts of aluminium and vanadium.



Carbon fibre is an anisotropic material able to assume different mechanical values depending on the lines of force that are considered. Thanks to the orientation of the fibres in the weave and the quality of the polymer matrix, the bike components made from carbon fibre guarantee:  

- high strength/weight ratio, even better than any metal alloy;

- design possibilities of different thickness and elasticity control.  

The fibre weave typical of the element is able to confer excellent mechanical characteristics to the product; moreover the epoxy resin keeps the various fibres in position so as to guarantee their correct orientation for stress absorption and conservation of the product's original shape. Carbon-Ti has selected the perfect combination of all the elements so as to confer the maximum rigidity required by the chainrings, having semi-finished products in totally structural carbon fibre constructed on its specifications with an extremely high weave density. The use of leather with 3K specifications and an accurate angular orientation of the many sheets allowed the defining of structures that are robust but at the same time extremely lightweight.



Carbon-Ti selects only the best of the materials available on the market and for this reason has chosen to use the Al7075-T6 alloy, commonly known as Ergal, taken from the aeronautical sector. These are the main features:  

-  lightweightness;

- superior aesthetic quality;

- high strength/density ratio;

- stainlessness;

- high machinability.  

Lightweightness and ductility in machining are the main features of aluminium. They allow Carbon-Ti to design components and accessories of superior aesthetic quality with geometries that seem exclusively created for the specific component's intended function, enhanced by many bright and shiny colours.