Carbon-Ti was born from LLS Titanium, a leading company in the manufacturing of special alloys and carbon fibre. The Italian brand Carbon-Ti is dedicated to the production of premium quality bike components. In 2005 the first chainrings with carbon fibre internal structure and titanium alloy teeth are launched on the reference market with the LLS Titanium know-how and brand. This combination of materials ensures lightweightness, rigidity and wear resistance, as well as an exclusive and charming design of racing bikes. Lightweightness and rigidity are essential for constructing excellent and competitive racing bikes and MTB with performance levels above standard. The Carbon–Ti bike components are used for the bikes of the major champions participating in important races such as the UCI World Tour and XCO World Cup, the international Marathon races and Cape Epic. Active collaboration with major champions also allows the development of state-of-the art solutions, ensuring true champion-like performance.

Fifteen years after the origin of the Carbon-Ti brand, Carbon - Ti srl was founded on 1 January 2020, independent of the parent company LLS Titanium.

As confirmation of a good growth trend, the legal and production headquarters maintain the same address in Cazzago San Martino (Brescia) with the current team.

The design and manufacture of Carbon-Ti products will remain 100% made in Italy! Thanks to its presence in more than 20 countries and its strategically widespread distribution network Carbon–Ti is a certainty both at the national and global level.


Carbon–Ti, the Italian leading manufacturer of MTB and racing bike components and accessories, is also present on the national and international scenario through its active participation in the more important trade shows. A fixed appointment for the company is, among the many others, Eurobike, the major trade show that every year, brings together the players of reference of the bike sector and tens of thousands of visitors, at Lake Constance. Carbon–Ti actively participates in this unmissable event from the outset, ensuring continuous exchange of information between the company and the market, with the aim of developing ever innovative and high-performing products. Each trade show is a real opportunity of growth and a unique occasion to get to know the vast range of Carbon-Ti aluminium, carbon fibre and titanium components. Please see the calendar for upcoming events.